High Tip Bucket

High Tip Bucket


High Tip Bucket increases lift heights and high tipping angles to empty the bucket quickly, small cycle times show increased efficiency and improve productivity.

High tip buckets are used for handling high volume materials high up, for example loading grains, grass seed, beets, high tip bucket has a high capacity for handling low-density materials, such as snow, wood, chips, sands, light west material, etc.

Features & Advantages

1. Comes complete with all hoses and fittings / 2. from 1 cm³ to 14cm³ capacity / 3. Different implements in size and application to satisfy all requirements / 4. Two Powerful Hydraulic Lifting Cylinder / 5. Highest quality steel, bearing, rams, etc used throughout / 6. Designed to load and dump quickly

Note: Customize Manufacturing is Available.