Rotary Screening Bucket

Rotary Screening Bucket


Rotary Screening Bucket is the ideal attachment to clear stony soils, select stones and gravel in the rivers, clean the beaches, divide the material during a demolition job or select and reuse the raised land to cover pipes and distribution ducting.

Note: The Screen Bucket is now Available for sale in RB Auction, Click on MSB40 to get into Auction. (Has a Limit Time)

Note: Customize Manufacturing is Available.

The rotary screen bucket comes equipped with an interchangeable mesh system around the drum inner circumference and replaceable sections in the conical rear area of the drum. Screen Bucket is for Preliminary screening of waste materials, demolition, excavation and re-filling, and soil rebuilding of rocky land. The screening bucket is suitable for sorting natural materials before and after comminution, reducing the comminution time by 60% so that materials that are compatible with the type of processing required can be recycled and managed.