21m Long Rech Boom

Designed for the construction of metro station entrances, land reclamation, river, lake, and pond cleaning or dredging projects, digging wells, digging ponds, or highway slope trimming. Also for cement plant watering, pouring, and housing construction foundation engineering.

We can Design and Manufacture all kinds of the long boom from 10 to 35 meters and Demolition Boom up to 55 Meters according to your requirement, high quality with the best price and after-sales service.


Long Reach Boom package includes:

1 pcs Boom / 1 pcs Arm-stick / 1pcs Bucket cylinder / 1pcs Bucket / 1set Bucket Linkages ( H Link, I Link) / 4pcs Hoses / 6pcs Pins

Long Reach Boom Application

Ideal for dredging river and sea either on land or on barge  / Basement and deep foundation excavation / Construction of ditches, levees and ponds / Construction of sea wall / Dredging port, large range excavation and other purposes/ Demolition high buildings and Structures.