Block Fork

Special, Heavy Duty Forks for Loading Stone Blocks.

Made for heavy loads, fixed forks are an excellent tool for works in quarrying and mining.

Forks for Stone blocks are special Heavy Duty Loader Forks intended to be used in quarries or other places.

Forks are fixed, there is no forks movement to the left/right.

Note: we can make any size & any kind of fork as per your request.

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Forks are mechanically fixed onto the frame, to allow the handling of high-abrasion blocks in extreme conditions. The mechanical locking, without any welding on the frame, optimizes the capacity of the forks, improving their flexibility and at the same time allowing for their quick replacement.

It also called Stone Fork. It can transport, moving, loading, stacking big materials like stone block, etc. in tough working conditions. Fork Stone block is used in quarry and storage yard to carry stone blocks or other materials.