Cutter Wheels

This Cutter Wheel has no problem cutting through rock, asphalt, or reinforced concrete in demolition projects.

Precise demolition work or for cutting narrow, shallow trenches in concrete and soft to Medium-hard rock.

Cutter Wheel is designed to give a maximum cutting performance with minimum wear costs.

The Standard Cutting Depth is 800 mm, but we have a range of (600 mm – 1500 mm).

The Standard Cutting Width is 150 mm, but we have a range of  (100 mm – 400 mm).

Note: Customize Manufacturing is Available.


One high torque, lateral hydraulic motors guarantee high production rates and maximum cutting forces. As a result, very high productivity rates can be achieved.

In order to adapt to different working conditions, we supply and design different cutting wheels with a max cutting depth of 1500mm. All cutting wheels will be equipped with best-proven drum cutters.

but non-standard cutting widths and depths can be designed as required.