Concrete Demolition Shear Jaw

Concrete Cracker is the perfect attachment for primary demolition, especially on high-reach excavators where there are reinforced concrete beams or columns.

Our all-purpose dual-cylinder demolition shears can be used on any site, with advanced demolition Capabilities such as 360° rotation allowing for fast accurate and efficient positioning of the jaw.

This Demolition Attachment is also known as Hydraulic Concrete Cracker.


  • Powerful cylinders and wide jaw opening cracker

  • Re-bar cutters in the throat

  • Robust build quality

  • Excellent for high-reach operations

  • Reversed cylinders


Concrete Crackers have 2 incredibly powerful cylinders, this coupled with a wide jaw opening makes it a very useful piece of kit for all demolition companies. This demolition cracker has weld-on hardened jaw profiles as we cannot find any replaceable tips strong enough to handle the power.

Ideal for Demolishing Building, House and Bridge, and other demolition projects.