Double Cylinder Hydraulic Shear

Double Cylinder Hydraulic Shears are being used a lot in demolition industrial to cut steel structures like buildings, tanks, cut iron material and many more, As well our hydraulic shears are used in scrapyards, where they are widely used in steel scrap and scrap car factories.


1. Hydraulic 360-degree rotation

2. Cylinder protector

3. Special round valve control

4. Using HARDOX 500 steel for shears.

5. Easy to maintain (removal and replacement)

6. ISO Certificate

Note: Customize Service is Available.


Jaw size and special blade design to increase productivity.

Powerful hydraulic cylinders strengthened jaw mouth closing force, then can cut the most hardened steel.

Hydraulic Steel Shears are made from high-grade steel to ensure maximum strength of the attachment and the best wear resistance.