Double Drum Cutter

We are a Manufacturer of High-Performance Hydraulic Attachments for Excavators from 3 to 120 tons, such as Vibro Ripper, Double Drum Cutter, Chain Cutter, Crusher Bucket, Screen Bucket, Long Reach Boom, Grab & Bucket and any other kind of
Heavy Equipment Attachments.
Double Drum Cutter uses world-class hydraulic technology for Mining, Tunnelling, Profile Correction, and channel surface grooving, asphalt Pavement milling, and rock soil mining​.
1. Low Noise  2. Low Vibration  3. Low Maintenance  4. Under Water Working  5. High Efficiency  6. Easy Replacement Teeth

Application:                                                                                                                                                               1. Cutting of trenches and shafts in hard ground  2. Trimming of concrete and asphalt  3. Trimming the surface of secant bored piles  4. Cutting of tunnel profiles  5. Any kind of rock excavation  6. Removing stumps and roots of trees  7. Quarrying and Demolition.

Note: Customize Manufacturing is Available.


This Double Drum Cutter with a direct drive motor system, a unique patented system that allows for the differential distribution of power to two rotary cutting heads,

Cutter heads from Rock Grinders are designed to provide the optimum cutting power at the recommended cutting speeds. They guarantee a smooth cutting action while providing each pick with the maximum cutting power to penetrate the rock.

High Productivity

The productivity of a drum cutter depends to a large extent on the uniaxial compressive strength of the material to be cut. The deeper the pick can be forced into the rock, the more material it can break out from it which in turn, increases productivity.

The oil flow and pressure that the excavator is able to provide to the drum cutter combined with excavator weight and stability are also critical factors influencing productivity.