Heavy Duty Rock Bucket

This Bucket is Mainly being used in quarrying and mining for digging hard soil, mixed with a relatively soft stone and clay.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Excavator Buckets.

Note: We can Desing and Manufacture all kinds of Buckets and Attachments According to your Request for Any Classes of Earthmoving Machinery.

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Heavy Duty Rock Bucket Includes the following: 
1.  Heel shrouds reinforced the structure and wear-resisting
2.  Reinforced ball wear-resisting
3.  Front and Side cutting edge material is Hardox  500
4.  Heavy-duty rock teeth and adaptor
5.  Lip protector to protect the cutting edge, increase using life
6.  Reinforced line and plate high load rating and stronger structure
7.  Changeable double side cutter reducing repair cost
8. Reinforced line high load rating
9. Reinforced plates wear-resisting