Large Demolition Boom

We have over 12 years of experience in designing and customize all kinds of Long Reach Boom, Demolition Boom, and Telescopic Boom for all Classes of Excavators.

We can Design and Manufacture Demolition Boom up to 55 Meters, and also any kind of Demolition Attachments.

These booms are mostly attached to heavy machines due to the extra leverage they are subjected to on the jobs.

Demolition Boom also needs an extra counterweight on the machine for balancing and safe handling which we will provide for you.

Note: Customize Manufacturing is Available.


Demolition boom also called high reach boom, it’s very popular in high buildings’ demolition projects. It has high work range, can demolish high buildings directly, also keep the excavator and operator long distance away from the high buildings, supply safeguard for demolition work.

Demolition boom’s attachments usually are pulverized, or shear cutter.
If the demolition boom is longer, the max weight of attachments should be less.
Long demolition boom has larger reach height and bigger work range, but if the attachments are too smaller, will be lower efficiency.
So customers should keep balance with longer boom and bigger attachments, and select the right demolition boom length, not the longer the better.