Road Roller Padfoot Shell Kit

Improve the versatility of your smooth drum compactor with a Craig 2 piece or 3 pieces Pad Foot Roller Shell Kit.

Padfoot Roller makes the machine highly effective on a wide range of materials including sand, gravel, soils, and asphalt.

This product is applicable for compacting various non-clay soils and concretes and is an ideal machine for various industrial sites and infrastructure projects.


  • 2 or 3 piece designs available
  • Secure installation
  • Available in various widths and diameters
  • Optional scraper bars available

We are a Manufacture of Padfoot Shell Kit for Rollers.

Note: We can Desing and Manufacture all kinds of Construction Machinery Attachments as per your Request.



There is no need to remove a complete smooth drum and install a padded drum risking hydraulic contamination. Our two-piece Padfoot attachment shell clamps over your existing smooth drum giving one compactor the ability of two machines.