Rock Saw

A Rock Saw is a powerful Attachments which features different types of blades for different jobs, Solution Plant Hire Rock Saws all feature diamond blades.

Excavator Rock Saws are used in demolition, construction, quarry, and mining.

Rock Saws are designed to cut asphalt, concrete, ductile iron, granite, marble, aluminum, limestone, sandstone, steel, and many other materials.

We can Manufacture a Rock Saw in both designs, Single and Double blade


The blade works through high powered rotation which offers accurate cutting for excavation purposes. Rock Saws these days are built with low noise levels in mind as well as reduced vibration, so if you are working in close proximity to homes and other areas that may be sensitive to these things you can carry out works without the disruption.

Water is available to the Rock Saw through a hose adaptable fitting, the water helps when cutting the surface and keeps the blade cool, if the blade overheats it can damage both the blade and surface.

There are different sizes of Rock Saws for different applications, to decide what size would be suitable for the next job we recommend you contact Al Mahad Engineering.