Single Cylinder Demolition Shear Jaw

The Single-Cylinder Demolition Shear Jaw is lightweight in design for stability during operation. It features a single-cylinder system for powerful crushing and speed. It is built from high strength and wear-resistant material for reliability.

Because of lightweight and high crushing force, It’s the best demolition attachment to attach on High Reach Demolition Boom.

Note: We can Desing and Manufacture all kinds of Demolition Attachments according to your request.


The attachment is made of Hardox 500 steel. Its bracket is designed to protect components, such as the piston, rotate motor, speed valve, and hydraulic hoses. Wear parts are protected by hard facing.

Product Features:

1. Unique layout design of jaw tooth, with double-layer wear-resisting protection.

2. It can be used for the first and second concrete crushing.

3. The structure is optimized through load design to balance the opening size and crushing force.

4. The adoption of special slewing support provides stable performance.

5. 360 Degree Hydraulic Rotation system to handle primary and secondary crushing operations.

6. High penetration jaws profile.