Tree Spade

Tree Spade is the fastest and easiest way to remove a tree from the ground and transport it to other places.

Suitable for: Skid Steer Loaders / Wheel Loaders / Excavators / Backhoe Loader / Truck and Tractor.

Areas of Application: forests, farms, and parks.


Tree Spade attachments drive 4 digging blades to move into the soil within several minutes, makes the tree and its soil wrapped root held by the round space around by the 4 digging blades. And then tree spade is raised slowly and up off the ground. By this way to realize the operator finishing quick digging, transporting, and planting trees by sitting in the cab.

Product Features:

1. Adjustable Legs: Allow for digging five different root-ball sizes with one tree spade.
2. Compact Design: Allows for attachment operation in confined areas without damaging nearby trees or landscaping.

3. Standard electric control joystick to function the hydraulic valve

2. Adjustable legs slide to control ball depth

3. Wide gate opening to engage tree easily.