Wall Breaker

Hydraulic Wall Breaker is created for the crushing of reinforced concrete diaphragms.


1. The frame is adjustable in size depending on the cement barrier to be demolished.

2. Six opposing cylinders release a horizontal pressure along a flat section, breaking up the concrete leaving the inner reinforcing rebar intact and clean

3. The frame is adjustable in width, from 1.000 to 1.500 mm, depending on the thickness of the diaphragm to be demolished

4. They can be installed on different equipment (excavators, cranes, telescopic arms, etc.) thanks to the use of lifting chains

5. Also available with continuous hydraulic rotation

6. Low operate costs, high efficiency.

7. Environmental safe, no noise, no vibrations.

8. Operation and maintenance are very easy and don’t require special skills.

Note: We can Desing and Manufacture all kinds of attachments as per your request.


The product range of our wall-breakers is based on the various wall types, wall thickness, and reinforcement. Due to the diversity of foundation techniques worldwide and the modular concept of the wall-breaker, we can also configure the breaker to suit not standard designs.