Almaahad Engineering

Our Services

The company has a very elaborate and clear policy when it comes to after sales service.

Our vision in this direction is a clear manifesto of our commitments to our customers to see them benefiting from the attachments and are satisfied by our products.


Since this is man-made machinery and it is detained to develop some problems by the passage of time and continues usage due to wear and tare this requires proper maintenance, servicing, replacement of wearable, and material fatigue parts, which unfortunately is not given much attention by the end users.


We give particular attention to this neglected aspect of the machinery and by the users and device programs to bring awareness and help in reconditioning the attachment to reduce breakdown and loss of work hours which is a core aspect in maintaining our profitability and reducing losses.


In this regard we invite our customers to have a periodical inspection of there attachments and if they find any part worn beyond the acceptable tolerance or given an allowance that should be reported to the concerned department or referred to us for proper diagnosis and reconditioning.