Chain Drum Cutter

Chain Drum Cutter


Chain Drum Cutter is uniquely designed to give a maximum cutting performance with minimum wear costs.

We have a wide range of Chain Drum Cutters which come in DC series for 10-60 ton excavators. 

High-torque hydraulic motors drive extremely large spur gears to turn the cutter drums. The gear wheels are so robust the drum cutters can be used in the most difficult conditions without the risk of failure.

They are ideal for cutting stones with a uniaxial compressive strength of up to 160 MPa. The material produced by the chain cutter is fine-grained and is ideal for use as fill. 

Application: Trenching / Tunnelling / Pipeline Construction / Stripping and Reclamation / Underwater Works / Quarrying / Demolition / Wall profiling.

Note: Customize Manufacturing is Available.