Hydraulic Pile Breaker

Hydraulic Pile Breaker


Pile Breaker is The Fastest and Safest Tool for Breaking the Pile.

The hydraulic pile breaker has the most advanced way of breaking concrete piles in the world and does with high efficiency, high life, and low construction noise. It also can cut piles of different diameters by changing the module combination quantity.

These pile breakers come in different diameters and can break through the toughest of the concrete piles underwater and on the surface.

The links are heavy duty and are fitted with high capacity diameter hydraulic cylinders for maximum torque and stroke to break through concrete piles which become tougher due to better curing under the surface water.


1. The most advanced hydraulic pile cutting technology to ensure high cutting efficiency and low noise.

2. Modular design to realize various sizes of piles cutting from 300 to 2500 mm by changing the number of modules.

3. High-Performance with low operation costs.

4. Simple and safe operation, easy to use.

5. It can be used with kinds of construction machinery like excavators, cranes, and so on. It also can be used with a separate power pack.

6. It can be used for both circular piles and square piles by changing the module combination.

7. Long service life, Fewer operating workers are required to save the cost of labor and machine maintenance during construction.

8. Saving Time and Reducing Labor Cost.