Drum Cutter Bucket

Drum Cutter Bucket


The Drum Cutter Buckets are the best tool for trenching in hard or rocky ground. Cut and clean the trench with this attachment, Other uses include cutting frozen ground, soil mixing, road work, slope leveling, and more.

It's a bucket. It's also a cutting unit. And it has the crusher function. buy one attachment with 3 functions.

Advantages: Produce an extremely accurate profile in excavation and tunneling work or in surface preparation / Reuse the finely grained excavated material for backfilling / Fewer vibrations reduce fatigue when working / Reduce the risk of damage in and around the site & Use the cutting units in noise-sensitive zones, as they are relatively quiet to operate / Simulation the work condition by 3 days for testing the product / Cutter is easily dismantled for conventional use without bucket assembly.

Note: Customize Manufacturing is Available.