Mechanical Rock Grab

This grab is a heavy-duty rock type, and the grab inner was welded the reinforced plate, made the grab stronger.

Excavator Mechanical  Grab is driven by Excavator bucket cylinder, does not need extra pipes, easy for installation. Also, it can suit for the quick coupler. So it’s popular in multi-excavators which need to deal with all kinds of different works. We can design all kinds of grab according to your requirements.

Note: According to your request, We can Design and Manufacture all kinds of Grapple and other Attachments in any size, for any classes of Earthmoving Machinery.


This has been specifically engineered for heavy-duty rock quarrying and demolition purposes. and plays a central role in shifting Rocks and boulders in crushers and as transport loading medium crushers land Clearing areas.

According to your project requirements, we can design the different shape main body for you.